News from the Office of the Knox Town Assessor

For information regarding assessment issues in the Town of Knox, please contact:

Russell W. Pokorny
Knox Town Assessor
PO Box 236
Knox, NY, 12107
Phone 518-669-6459

If you feel that your assessment is unfair, you should contact the Assessor.

Due to recent law changes approved by the Governor and Legislature, the STAR program is being restructured.  NYS has decided that the Tax
Dept. will administer any NEW STAR applications, taking that duty from your local assessor.  This change is retroactive to March 1, 2015.   If you
had been approved for the STAR Exemption by this office after this date,  you may now be required to register with NYS to receive a STAR
check.  All property owners in Knox who were affected by this change have been issued a notice from this office.  Instead of the STAR
Exemption being deducted from your school tax bill, you will have to pay your FULL tax bill, and you will receive the same STAR dollar benefit in
the form of a check.  Please be advised that you may want to contact your escrow account holder to verify the correct school tax withholdings.

If you purchased your home after March 1, 2015,
To be eligible for a STAR check, you must register with the NYS Tax
•        Registering online at
•        Or by calling 518-457-2036
•        REGISTER by July 1 to receive your STAR check this fall.

The New York State Real Property computer system makes it possible to include photographs of all properties.  We hope this will help in making
better comparisons and fair assessments. The Town of Knox is in the process of photographing properties to include them on the tax roll.  As of
July 2015, about one third of our properties have been photographed. The effort is being made to complete the process of photographing
properties during the next year.  We will try not to be intrusive, but you may see the Assessor or Data Collectors taking photographs of
properties in the town.  We will appreciate your patience while we complete the process.

Each year, Exemption Renewal Notices should be received from the Assessor in the mail
in the first week of January, and be returned to the Assessor by March 1.

Assessment change notices should be received from the Assessor in the mail in the first week of May,
and the new trial roll will be available on the website and at Townhall on May 1st.
Grievance day is scheduled each year on the fourth Tuesday of May (May 22, 2018).
The Board of Assessment review hears grievances from 4 to 8 pm at the Knox Town Hall on that day.
If you want to present a grievance, you should come prepared with documentation of your position.  
This could be a list of other properties which are similar to yours or an appraisal.  
The Assessor can supply you with more information on how to file a grievance.

The Final Roll for 2018, as of June 30th will be available at the Knox Town Hall and on the website.
Please see the Town Clerk during office hours,
or contact the Assessor.

Please select the following link to view the Knox 2018 Trial Roll:

Knox Trial Roll for 2018